New Editors for the IJW

We are delighted to announce that Stephen Wu from Hamilton College (New York) and Lindsay Oades from the University of Wollongong (Australia) have become Co-Editors of the IJW.

Stephen replaces Nattavudh Powdthavee (who will remain in the IJW team as an Editorial Board Member). A great big thank you to Nattavudh for all of his hard work helping to make the IJW the success that it is today. Stephen's background in economics ensures that the IJW remains an important outlet for economists working on wellbeing (such as some of our previous authors: John Helliwell, Bruno Frey, and Shun Wang). Stephen has being working as a Co-Editor for the IJW since late 2012.

Lindsay, who was previously an Editorial Board Member, has stepped up to the Co-Editor role to help deal with the ever-increasing volume of submissions on positive psychology to ensure that our review times are kept to a minimum. Lindsay is an expert on psychological recovery,  workplace wellbeing, and positive psychology. Lindsay begins his work as a Co-Editor for the IJW today.